Important Note About Pricing 

Please contact us for exact quotes. Many times, your price may be LOWER than the price listed. 


Why don’t we just list the correct prices?

Great question! This site is what’s called a Distributor Site. Literally over 100,000 products are automatically included in it, including images, descriptions and prices. Unfortunately, we don’t have the ability to edit any of that. We’ve built relationships with our favorite suppliers and they’ve given us a little better pricing than other distributors. We aren’t able to reflect that lower pricing on our website so please contact us for the most accurate price.


Full Transparency: We are a Promotional Products Distributor

We don’t print anything in-house…anymore. I spent decades in the sign and graphics business, personally making everything that went out the door. But now, we purchase products from wholesale-only suppliers who do the decorating.


Why should you order from us instead of a big, online company that advertises on tv?

Wanna know a secret? Those online companies you see advertised on tv use the same suppliers as we do. Yep. They don't print or decorated items in-house either. We take on the responsibility of making sure your items are printed correctly and delivered on time so you don't have to. If there's a mistake (yes, they can happen but rarely do), we will deal with getting the issue resolved as quickly as possible. No forms to fill out, no waiting on customer service to get back with you and no blaming you for not reading the fine print. Fixing it is our first priority.


Want to know more about us?

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