Who are we?

We are a local, family-owned business in Huntsville, Alabama specializing in flags, banners, table drapes, pop-up tents and 1000s of promotional products for your business or special event. We have over 30 years experience in the sign, flag and graphic design industries. We take pride in each and every order and are committed to great customer service. We’ve partnered with some of the top manufacturers in the country to bring you high quality products on time and at a reasonable price.

Where are we located?

We're located in south Huntsville but we don't have a storefront because 1) working from home ROCKS! and 2) have you seen how expensive rent for storefronts is these days??? We can keep our costs down to get you the best price we can. We'll gladly meet you at the location of your choice (in the Huntsville city limits) to discuss your project.

We’re proud members of PPAI

PPAI (Promotional Products Association International) is the world’s largest international not-for-profit trade association serving the promotional products industry.

PPAI Code of Conduct

We agree to the PPAI Code of Conduct: “Our company believes we must meet the highest ethical expectations of our customers and consumers. To that end, we have adopted standards for the quality and safety of the products we sell, and we are committed assuring that our manufacturing processes respect the rights of individuals and protect the environment.”

“We will work to assure compliance with all applicable laws, and we will conduct business in an ethical, responsible manner. We expect the same commitment from all businesses that provide us products as primary manufacturers or component subcontractors.  We also expect those suppliers to implement procedures to ensure continual compliance and upon mutual agreement will open their factories and records for audits by our company’s staff or qualified third-party organizations.” 

Why choose us?

1. Your business is one of the most important things in your life and we get that. If you want professionally made products from people who really care and won’t treat you like just another “job”, then we're the company for you.

2. We want your business to succeed. We won't ask, "Which product do you want?". Instead, we will take the time to research products that fit your needs and help you achieve your marketing goals.

3. A quality job starts with the prep work. We have the knowledge and experience to make sure colors will print correctly, the art files are of the best quality possible and that they fit the templates, all before the actual printing begins.

4. We’re pretty cool people! 

One more thing we want you to know… we’re Deadheads.

“Deadheads” as in, huge fans of the Grateful Dead (and Widespread Panic, Billy Strings, and other jambands, too). Yep, the we’re the peace-lovin’, tree-huggin’ types. There’s a good chance my husband or I will be wearing a tie-dye when we deliver your goods.

Why should our taste in music matter?

Because being a Deadhead is about more than just the music; it’s a lifestyle.

  • We’re kind
  • We’re honest
  • We’re creative
  • We’re problem solvers (We used to figure out how to get to concerts in other cities pre-internet!)
  • We take care of each other
  • We’re good people (see what I did there?)


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