I'm Kelli Brown and the owner of GoodPeople Promotions. After many years of working in the sign business, I noticed a trend. Clients were seeking unique ways to market their business and often turned to me for advice. I enjoyed brainstorming ideas and offering suggestions, even if they weren't services I could directly offer. However, everything changed a few years ago with a casual conversation that completely altered my path.

A few years ago, I was out of town visiting an old friend. She told me how she had started her own promotional products business. "You mean like pens and mugs and stuff?" and she said, "Oh yeah, but it's so much more than that!". She went on to tell me how incredibly rewarding it was helping businesses and organizations achieve their goals by using promotional products. She explained how it was important to focus on their needs and goals and how to find just the right products to appeal to their mark. Everything clicked! I had a vision of what I was supposed to do.

I spent the next two years learning everything I could about promotional products, branding and marketing through books, blogs, online classes, experts online and a wonderful mentor. I gave me existing flag and display business a total makeover and launched a new website.

Where are we located?

We're located in south Huntsville, Alabama but we don't have a storefront because 1) working from home is awesome! and 2) have you seen how expensive rent is for storefronts these days??? By not having a storefront, we can keep our costs down to give you the best price possible.

Want an excuse to get out of the office for awhile?

Let's meet up to discuss your project at your favorite coffee shop, bookstore, local lunch spot or one of Huntsville's breweries for a happy hour drink or two!

Why order from us instead of one of those online companies that advertises on tv? 

Wanna know a secret? Those online companies you see advertised on tv use the same suppliers as we do. Yep. They don't print or decorated items in-house either. We take on the responsibility of making sure your items are printed correctly and delivered on time so you don't have to. If there's a mistake (yes, they can happen but rarely do), we will deal with getting the issue resolved as quickly as possible. No forms to fill out, no waiting on customer service to get back with you and no blaming you for not reading the fine print. Fixing it is our first priority.

We're a member of PPAI

PPAI (Promotional Products Association International) is the world’s largest international not-for-profit trade association serving the promotional products industry.

We agree to the PPAI Code of Conduct

“Our company believes we must meet the highest ethical expectations of our customers and consumers. To that end, we have adopted standards for the quality and safety of the products we sell, and we are committed assuring that our manufacturing processes respect the rights of individuals and protect the environment.”

“We will work to assure compliance with all applicable laws, and we will conduct business in an ethical, responsible manner. We expect the same commitment from all businesses that provide us products as primary manufacturers or component subcontractors.  We also expect those suppliers to implement procedures to ensure continual compliance and upon mutual agreement will open their factories and records for audits by our company’s staff or qualified third-party organizations.” 

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